Interview is also published here. Natty Speaks talks Will Smith, Boris Johnson and hip-hop After an arduous day of hanging out with Will Smith and Boris Johnson, it had crossed my mind that travelling across London to speak with me might be considered somewhat of a drag in comparison. But alas, Natty Speaks greets me […]

The rickety stairs sway precariously as we totter down to the basement in the un-trendy part of Whitechapel. Not a typical or even wholly practical place to hold an interview but Barney Artist is fine with it because he’s just that kind of guy. The 21-year-old hip-hop artist from East London has been rapping for […]

Fish Tales of Alaska. Created and produced by The Unhidden Collective. The Yard Theatre, Hackney, London – November 5th – 24th 2012. The doomed plight of ocean fish may not reel in most people, awash with all their human concerns, hook line and sinker. Or at least, not until they take their seat in the auditorium […]